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I contacted MegaMedia about my story because it was so sensitive that I felt I needed someone experienced to deal with it. It took a while for me to give the go-ahead after that first contact and I was never put under any pressure. It was always my decision. My story appeared in a national newspaper and a magazine, and I was invited to appear on This Morning. MegaMedia handled all this for me and made sure I was looked after and given a voice to tell my story.
Lauren Walsh

Lauren Walsh was gang-raped on a stage in a club in Magaluf and wanted to warn others of the dangers they might face on holiday.

We told Lauren’s story in The Sunday Mirror and That’s Life, then arranged for her to appear on ITV’s This Morning. Best recently revisited her story.

MegaMedia made me feel that I could express my story about what I had been through for years in the way I wanted to. As promised, I was given a payment that helped me make a good start in my new home. I want to thank them so very much.
Maureen Green

Maureen Green was beaten and raped repeatedly by her partner, serial rapist and domestic abuser, John Walker. He was also convicted of similar offences against five other women and jailed for life.

We told her story in Take a Break 

It was a pleasure to have MegaMedia deal with my story and I would recommend them to anyone. Not only were they thoroughly professional and able journalists, but the reassurance and after-care they provided was a welcome surprise and I’m certain it’s not available from everyone!
Alanah Longshaw

Alanah Longshaw was seduced and left pregnant at 16 by Turkish waiter Murat Can Ertani, who abused her verbally and physically, then abandoned her. He later disappeared with a 16-year-old English schoolgirl and Alanah, because of her prior ordeal, was able to help her family track him down and rescue the young girl.

We told Alanah’s story in Closer.

MegaMedia told me what they could do for me, then went to work and delivered on their promise. I’m thankful to MegaMedia for being supportive to me and for dealing with me in the correct way at all times.
Fallon Scott

Fallon Scott found many family members turned against her when she reported her brother-in-law for sexually abusing her as a child. He was due to be prosecuted, but died before his trial. Sick of being called a liar, Fallon took and passed a lie-detector test with Bruce Burgess who does the tests for The Jeremy Kyle Show.

We told Fallon’s story in That’s Life.

I was in two minds about whether to make my story public, but remembered MegaMedia had handled my Leeanne’s story with great sensitivity. I got in touch and told them how things had developed, but also about my concerns over publicity. We kept talking for a while, there was no pressure, and when I was ready to go ahead, we published our story. I was very grateful for the way I was handled and the understanding I was shown.
Carol McFarlane

Carol McFarlane lost her daughter Lee-Anne, just 30, to cancer, then found herself at daggers drawn with her daughter’s fiancé over her ashes and her personal possessions.

We told Carol’s story in the Daily Record and in Real People magazine.

MegaMedia kept every promise made to me. I was treated with respect and more importantly believed. I was kept informed all the way with what went into the story and even given advice about where to turn on some issues. I would always recommend the service to anyone who was looking for their voice to be heard.
Caroline McGhee

Caroline McGhee was the victim of horrific domestic violence at the hands of soldier husband Cameron Hayhurst, who was spared jail, controversially, after his brutish behaviour.

We told Caroline’s story in Chat and in The Sunday Post.

My story was a difficult and sensitive one, but MegaMedia handled it with care, compassion and professionalism. I had reservations about going public, but I was consulted at every stage and the story turned out far better than I could have expected. I’m so glad I did it.
Gillian Ward

Gillian Ward endured the trauma of her partner hanging himself in her home, then learning not only that he had been married but that he had been a paedophile.

We told Gillian’s story in The Scottish Sun and in That’s Life

My story was a difficult one for me to tell because it involved betrayal and brought my marriage to an end. MegaMedia handled it all sensitively and made sure I was happy with the story. After it had been published, I asked for advice on a related matter and nothing was too much trouble. I’d recommend MegaMedia to anyone with a story to tell, especially if it needs to be handled with care by people who care.
Libby Lawson

Libby Lawson was badly beaten by her husband when she confronted him over his affair with their 18-year-old lodger, who she had always treated like a niece. It was a devastating double betrayal even before her husband lashed out.

We told Libby’s story in The Scottish Sun and in That’s Life.

I would like to express my appreciation for your ability to put my thoughts and feelings into words that were conforming to the reality of my story.Thank you for your support throughout these difficult times. Margaret Johnston

Margaret Johnston had a passion for monkeys and moved to Orkney with Jack Campbell to create a sanctuary for her beloved animals, but became embroiled in a complex web of love, jealousy and greed that ended in murder.

We told Margaret's story in Pick Me Up

Marcello is the best in the business, not only professional and really good at what he does but he has turned into a great friend. He has a caring manner and a sympathetic approach and has helped me much more than I expected. My story was exactly the way I wanted it and he made sure I was looked after when I was contacted directly by Chat and The Sun.  He is a truly genuine person - exactly what I hoped for in a journalist. A million thanks. X
Joe-Lee Nangle

Joe-Lee Nangle was raped by the father of her child a number of times in their relationship and took a long time to report it because of the effect it would have on their son.

We told Joe-Lee’s story in Chat and The Sun.


I worked with Marcello on a very serious issue that had caused me a great deal of pain and stress. I chose to go to the press to make sure the person who hurt me was stopped and that it didn’t happen to another girl. Marcello was recommended as being kind and helpful and I was told that he would deal with the story the way I wanted. That is what I got  -100% support and advice. Even now he keeps in touch to see how I am.
Marcello is a warm, kind, supportive person who will do all he can to help.  I had a good experience working with him. Thanks again, Marcello.
Debbie x

Deborah Watson was engaged to be married to Alex Roy, only to find he had another fiancée and two wives already and was due in court on bigamy charges. He claimed to have cancer and to be 30, when he was healthy and 40.

We told Debbie’s story in Chat and Woman’s Own.


I first met Marcello nearly a decade ago, when he came to interview me and we became friends. He has a natural and tireless capacity to respect and care about the people and the vast range of issues he writes about.
Eileen Munro  

Eileen Munro, survived childhood abuse and neglect, the death of her young son and some terrible health problems to emerge as a best-selling author.

We told Eileen’s story in Chat

I would like to thank you so much for your genorosity, Kindness, reliability. I had lot of invitations direct from news papers and magazine, I was in dilemma not knowing what to do as I have never been involved with media before. I had lot of people knocking at my door every minute I did not know whom to trust. when I met you all the worries went away due to your professionalism and trustworthiness.

You have really helped me so much that I would recommend you to others. You are so wonderful and keep up the good job you are doing. You opened my eyes with lot of things. Thank you very much
Magdeline Makola

Magdeline was abducted, bound and gagged and left in the boot of her own car to die after her abductor robbed her and forced her to divulge her PIN numbers. Miraculously, she survived ten nights, including Christmas Day 2008, in the car boot with no food or water and with temperatures at times below freezing. We arranged deals for Magdeline with the Mail on Sunday, Pick Me Up magazine and Now magazine.

We found you excellent to deal with. It was really good having you there to chat to. Talking to you didn’t feel like talking to a reporter. You never hassled us once, you told us to take our time in talking to you when and if we wanted to. You always wrote everything exactly how we wanted, and helped us get across what we were trying to say to people.

I have a great deal of trust in you, and would definitely deal with you in the future. You have always kept all your promises, and even after you wrote your story, you still called to check how we all were doing, and still do to this day.
Georgie and Sami Neil

Georgie’s husband Malcolm was stabbed and killed by their daughter Sami’s partner, and they were denied true justice when he was jailed for culpable homicide rather than murder. We told Georgie and Sami’s story in Pick Me Up, Woman’s Own and the Daily Record

Marcello and Cathy were lovely people to deal with when I found myself in the most harrowing and traumatic circumstances.  They dealt with the situation with great tact, with respect and had a compassionate approach.

The court case and various appeals since made by my attacker has been a long saga (presently 10 years and still ongoing).  Marcello and Cathy have been superb in helping me to express my feelings and in helping me to publicise how not to treat victims of serious crime.

Marcello and Cathy are not just extremely good journalists, but they are caring people with a strong humanitarian instinct, particularly in the matter of correct justice that fits the crimes and in the treatment of victims.  

I would thoroughly recommend them to anybody unlucky enough to find themselves in difficult circumstances.
Jane Dearie

Jane was a special constable in Dumfries and Galloway Police when she was raped by Adam Carruthers, then a sergeant in the force, later promoted to inspector before his crimes caught up with him and he was jailed in 2001. Sadly, he was released last year. We told Jane’s story in Pick Me Up, Woman’s Own, the Mail on Sunday and the Sunday Mail.

Met a Journalist discovered a friend.  

We met when Marcello was doing a story on my past. I am a survivor of historic child abuse. He became my light in the darkest times, and always found me a way forward. He inspired me to never give up and when things went wrong he highlighted my plight by doing another story and letting people know how cruel life can be. He encouraged me to hang in there and I have so much to thank him and Catherine for as he helped me to get my story out there. He even came with me to meetings with various politicians unpaid. He gave me his personal time which I must also thank Catherine for. He was always there for me as a friend, especially when I was about to give up. I owe them both so much for their kindness, determination, time, empathy and attention that they gave for my story and my feelings.

Thank you both for believing in me and helping me. My book is now in print and if it wasn't for you I might have given up long before now. Thank you for standing by me when everyone else left the silent scream unheard and that poor wee girl standing alone. You both nurtured and helped heal her. I can never thank you enough.
Liz x

Lizzie McGlynn’s remarkable book, I Forgive You, Daddy, is out on 9 July. We told her story in Pick Me Up and the Sunday Mail.

Marcello and Catherine were really good to deal with. They got in touch to offer to do my story, gave me a realistic idea of the fee involved and then set about doing a bit better than they’d thought. They called and kept me informed at every stage. Catherine was easy to talk to when she interviewed me and we were all really pleased with the final outcome. I would recommend them to anyone with a story to tell.
Katy Cooper

Katy Cooper, whose daughter Kimberly died in the final stages of her pregnancy, leaving her mum to raise her beautiful daughter Aimee-Lee. We told Katy’s story in Full House and Woman’s Own.

I'd like to thank you for the comfort you gave to both my elderly parents and myself when you came to write the story about my young sister. After Lillian was murdered last year, Marcello arrived to do a piece for Full House magazine. He was so helpful and did not ask us to do anything that would have made us uncomfortable. I cannot thank him enough for his professional attitude and empathy and would recommend him and his wife to anyone out there who is thinking about doing a story. Once again, thank you very much. 
Elizabeth Martin
Elizabeth's sister Lillian was brutally murdered with an axe by her husband, who resented the time Lillian spent caring for her elderly and disabled mother, Lena. We told their story in Full House.

Marcello and Catherine have always been a great support and an excellent source of information throughout the past 3 years. When I was first put in touch with them, I found them to be very caring and compassionate people and to this day they remain the same. They are wonderful people who have been a great comfort and support to myself through what has been a very difficult time. When my attacker was in court awaiting sentencing they both took the time to be present and help myself and family understand the court process, something that we will always be grateful for.

I still have regular contact with them to present day and I continue to receive a lot of support from them with difficulties that I still encounter. Marcello and Catherine are 2 great people who do more for people in their time of need than I expected, myself & my family couldn't have asked to be in contact with 2 better people than them in what has been a very difficult 3 years. They supported my decision to waive my right to anonymity and ensured I was supported through this decision. I feel very privileged to know 2 committed and caring people who do a very difficult and demanding job.
Anne Doherty

Anne was raped at knifepoint in the care home where she worked, and then had to fight for her life as her attacker tried to use the knife to kill her. He also headbutted her repeatedly and actually bit a chunk out of her arm to try to force her to let go her hold on the handle of the knife. Her attacker was considered so dangerous that he was one of the first Scots to be subject to an order for lifelong restriction. We told Anne's story in Take a Break and The Sun.

And a word from one of the leading experts in the real life industry:

I have worked with and known Marcello and Catherine for eight years now and have always found them to be totally trustworthy, reliable and professional journalists who work hard to ensure that the people they interview get the very best deal possible from magazines and newspapers. Whoever decides to tell their story through them will be in safe hands and above all will be treated fairly and with sensitivity.
Kate Thompson
Deputy Editor
Pick Me Up

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