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How much will I be paid?

When we first chat about your story we will be able to use our experience and give you an idea of what to expect for your story. But we will not have a definite price until we have approached all the leading titles and offered your story for sale. We will then let you know what the top bid is and seek your agreement to proceed.

Fees can vary widely depending upon the type of story, but as a general rule you can earn between £300 and £500 for your story, although exceptional stories can fetch £1,000, especially if your tale is the main feature in the magazine. Some of the magazines carry adverts saying they pay up to £2,000 for your story. This was quite common before the recession, but it is now extremely rare. The key words are 'up to'. Until 2009, we often achieved fees of between £1,000 and £3,000 for our clients. We also secured bigger deals than that, two of them into five figures. In the last five years or so, the highest fees we have secured have been in the region of £1,500 for a single story, not because we're less effective than we used to be, but simply because the market is not in such robust health. Celebrity stories now fetch the highest prices, but we prefer to deal with ordinary people and make sure they are properly represented when they have a story to tell. Having said all that, one client received £4,000 from a deal we made that involved three publications and a television broadcast,

Whatever the offer you can be certain that itís the best deal in the marketplace for you because we test the marketplace in a way that an individual who doesn't work in the media could not hope to.

Payments are made by cheque or bank transfer and are private. No one need know you have been paid if you donít want them to. For those who donít have a bank account, cash payment can be arranged.

When will I be paid?

Newspapers and magazines usually pay about four weeks after publication.

How can I be sure I will be paid?

You will receive a signed contract from us detailing exactly how much you will be paid following publication.

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