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Why should I contact you and not contact a magazine directly?

You will receive the highest possible price for your story by using us. We are independent and can approach all the leading magazines and newspapers at the same time to make sure we get the best deal for you. This often sets off a bidding war - with publications increasing their offers in order to get your story. This won’t happen if you call one publication direct.

Do I have to be identified? Use my real name? Be photographed? Mention where I work?

Most magazines and newspapers want you to be photographed and identified. If you are the victim of a sexual crime, your identity is protected by law. But you can choose to reveal your identity and this will always mean your story is worth more.

Sometimes, false names are used for legal reasons. For instance, if your child has been the victim of a crime, a magazine may be happy to write about them without using their true identity. It would depend upon the story.

It is not necessary to say where you live or work. Other sensitive details can be left out if they are not vital to the story. We can talk to you about this.

In exceptional circumstances, your story will be accepted anonymously, but this is rare and always results in a lower fee.

Do I have any say on what is eventually published?

Yes. Your story will be read to you line by line to make sure you are completely happy with it before it appears in print.

Can my story be published without my permission?

No. We will only sell your story with your permission. You will be sent a contract before publication detailing how much you will be paid.

Do I have to pay you for handling my story?

No. We are paid for writing the story by the newspaper or magazine. Our service to you is FREE.

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